What we can do for you!

Chiropractic Adjustments


Hometown Chiropractic uses multiple technique approaches.  We understand that every patient is different, and that every spine needs an individualized care plan to best meet their needs! Hometown Chiropractic uses the following techniques:

Diversified Full Spine

Thompson Technique

Activator Technique 

Extremity Manipulation 

Every cell, organ, and tissue in the human body is powered and controlled by the nervous system.   Since your spine protects it, wouldn't you find it ideal to keep it aligned and healthy from chiropractic care? 

Benefits of Chiropractic care include:

Improved immune function

Increased mobility

Injury prevention

Natural Pain relief

Better sleep

Less headaches

Better posture 

Massage therapy


Massage therapy, performed by a licensed massage therapist  is a safe and effective way for people of all ages to manage and relieve the discomfort of stress, fatigue, and many other conditions: 


Neck & Back pain

Sprains/Strains & Tendonitis 

Sciatic Pain 

Muscle Spasm


& many more! 

Known benefits to massage therapy include:

Stress reduction and relaxation

Improved blood circulation

Reduced swelling 

Decreased muscle pain

Treatment of pain after injury

Enhancement of body posture

Increased joint mobility from restriction

*Massage appointments available!*

Tracy- Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday

Jana- Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 

Supplemental Nutrition


We at Hometown Chiropractic believe in the importance of mental, social, and physical health.  

Enhance your physical well-being by adding Custom Wellness Solution's all natural Whey Protein to your nutritional regimen.  Just 10g of protein per scoop contains the fiber, digestive enzymes, and BCAA's necessary to help you function at your best. CWS products contain absolutely no protein blends, artificial sweeteners, or fillers, and is completely gluten free!

Chocolate and Unflavored options available!

64 servings- $55.00

Large BPA-free CWS blend

Standard Process coming soon! 

What to expect


Patient Forms

Welcome to our home! When arriving for your first visit, you will be welcomed by our amazing staff.  Your new patient forms will be emailed to you, or you can retrieve them right from the site under "New Patient Forms".   


You and the doctor will go over your filled out case history in detail.  This is designed for the doctor to learn more about you, your condition, and expectations to determine how chiropractic care can meet your goals. 

Comprehensive Spinal Examination

After reviewing your case history, the doctor will perform a thorough chiropractic examination to find potential sites of subluxation and dysfunction. 

State-of-the-art Digital X-ray Examination

To see is to know, and to not see is to guess... and we will not guess about your health. An X-ray examination allows us to see the structural integrity of the spine, and is the blueprint to your specific chiropractic care regimen.  

Your Individual Report of Findings

The doctor will take all of the information collected during your case history, physical examination, and x-ray examination to come up with the best care plan for you! If your case requires further assistance, we will point you in the direction of necessary providers.