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Dr. Shannon Bielski

    "Taking care of yourself and your family should always be your number one priority, but that doesn't mean we can't have fun at the same time!"  

   Dr. Shannon was raised in Sykesville, Maryland where she grew up playing sports with her 2 sisters (Taylor and Erin) at a very young age.  Through her own experience with physical therapy after a knee injury in High School, she became interested in different types of sports rehabilitation.  In 2014 she graduated from Frostburg State University with her Bachelor's degree in Exercise and Sport Science.   It was during her senior Internship at FSU when she first became interested in chiropractic, after completing over 400 field hours at Around the Back Family Chiropractic in Lavale, MD.  Before long she realized that she did not merely want to treat the symptoms of disease and injury, but to correct the actual cause. In 2015 she decided to continue her journey down to Georgia, where she would graduate with honors from Life University in Atlanta with her Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 2018.

   Dr. Shannon moved to Jackson County, Michigan to pursue her chiropractic dream of opening a practice. She strives to provide a place where friends, family, and community members can get the health care they deserve.  

                           Owner of Hometown Chiropractic

   Member of the Michigan Association of Chiropractors  (MAC)

                 Athena International Jackson Chapter Member 


Jana Boyer, LMT

 “I feel rewarded by helping people recover from overworked muscles, and most of all, help them combat tension to relieve stress”.   

Jana received her massage training from Olympia Career Training Institute (Kalamazoo, Michigan) in 2003.  It was during her primitive years when she first became motivated to study massage as it applies to athletic performance and rehabilitation. She used her knowledge of anatomy and Kinesiology to support her school’s swim team as their warm-up and cool down expert. Jana graduated from Ball State University in 2000, obtaining her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. After college, she worked in a factory where she experienced repetitive overuse injuries. It was then, while receiving regular massage for her own injuries that she decided to dedicate her life to a career she has now practiced for over 16 years.

Jana spent time working with collegiate football players, where she then thought to herself, there has to be a way to make deep tissue massage “easier” on the client. In November 2015, she became certified in Ashiatsu, a “deeper”, deep tissue massage using broad foot strokes and assistance from installed ceiling bars to create a more comfortable experience for the patient, rather than using pointy elbows and thumbs.  This technique is known to induce deep relaxation and circulation quickly, creating a luxurious yet therapeutic massage.  

 State of Michigan Licensed Massage Therapist

American Bodywork & Massage Professionals

Ashiatsu Deep Feet Bar Therapy

Young Living Essential Oils *Raindrop Technique


Tracy VanWoert

Medical Message Therapist 

Our Philosophy


Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the health and well-being of our community through chiropractic care. 

We strive to be health leaders in our community, and help people live their lives to the very fullest in the absence of disease and discomfort.  Through the administration of one adjustment, we can remove interference from the nervous system and stimulate proper function to the entire body! 

We pride ourselves in offering alternative approaches to patient health care, and will take any opportunity we can to educate and inspire our community on the many benefits of chiropractic care. 



Our 3 phases of care

We evaluate patients in our office based on 3 phases of care. 

Phase 1: Condition based care

The goal of this phase is to get you OUT of pain! 

Phase 2: Corrective Care

The goal of this phase is to now prep the ligaments and tendons to PREVENT the pain from coming back! 

Phase 3: Wellness Care

The goal of this phase is to keep the body functioning at it's highest level possible! Think of it as just coming in for a tune up, like you would a car, or brushing your teeth! The spine needs regular maintenance to stay healthy. 

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